Fine Uploader 3.3

Fine Uploader 3.3 has been released, and I have done my best to include some new features and improvements, along with a bunch of bugfixes. The two new major features are CORS support and the ability to delete an uploaded file.

As always, please see the downloads page to download the latest released version of the library.

Known issues

  • If chunking is enabled, and forceMultipart is set to true (and/or paramsInBody is set to true) and you are sending cross-domain upload requests on Safari, the Blob encoded in the request may be empty. This appears to be an issue with Safari, and I have filed a bug report with Apple. (#669)

Features & Enhancements

  • XSS/CORS support for upload and delete file requests. Please read the blog post on this feature for more details. (#621)
  • Allow users to delete uploaded files. Please read the blog post on this feature for more details. (#382)
  • Allow Blob objects to be submitted for uploading via the API. (#552)
  • Set default behavior to include all parameters in the request payload for file uploads. (#604)
  • Allow file sizes to be displayed in FineUploader mode next to the file immediately after they are submitted to the uploader. (#589)
  • Add cancelAll function to API. (#428)
  • Readme re-organized to attempt to improve readability.

Bugs Fixed

  • Don’t URL encode parameters sent in request body. (#676)
  • setParams API call does not apply to the associated file when it is called in an onUploader handler & the browser is IE9 or earlier. (#632)
  • Ensure JSON.parse is used by form uploader to parse responses, if supported. (#629)
  • Update the demo page to indicate that the css & js combined files are version-stamped. (#628)
  • Cookies are saved for chunks even if resume is disabled. (#618)
  • Canceling XHR upload results in error callback invocation. (#608)
  • inputName parameter is included twice in XHR requests. (#595)
  • “Processing…” status message does not appear while waiting for response after sending last byte of last chunk to server. (#584)
  • Logic when handling uploads w/ multiple set to false is flawed. (#581)

Major Features Planned For 3.4

  • Support for uploading directly to Amazon S3. See #582 for more details.
  • Allow immediate upload of pictures taken from a connected camera. See #389 for more details.
  • Allow users to paste to upload images copied from other webpages. See #487 for more details.

Note that the list of planned features may change at any time during the release.

If you have a question or a suggestion, please use the support forums or the issue tracker. Questions or issue reports will not be addressed in the comments section below.

As always, please let me know (in the forums or the issue tracker) if you have any suggestions for improvement, or any killer features you’d like me to add.

-Ray Nicholus