Fine Uploader has a new home

Recently, Andrew Valums and I handed Fine Uploader over to Widen Enterprises. Full Disclosure: Widen is my employer. Widen already uses Fine Uploader in their flagship digital asset management product, Media Collective, as well as their image management application, Smartimage. We felt that this was a good move, as Fine Uploader is becoming too much work for me to handle during my free time. This means that Fine Uploader will finally have a sustainable amount of resources (in terms of money, developers, QA, PMs, and cash) behind it. This will allow the library to grow much faster and in much more dramatic ways.

New Location

The Fine Uploader Github repo has moved to Widen/fine-uploader. The web page, blog, and twitter account will remain unchanged for now. If you have forked the old (valums/file-uploader) repo, please read this Stackoverflow case for an explanation of how you can update your cloned/forked copy of the repo.

New Licensing

Starting with Fine Uploader 3.3.1, the licensing has changed. Fine Uploader is now a GPL Version 3 licensed library. If the terms of GPL v3 do not work well for your organization, you may purchase a commercial license from Widen, which will release you from the terms of the GPL v3 license. From the downloads page, you can download a free 45-day trial of the commercially-licensed library, or you can download the GPL v3 version, or purchase a commercial license immediately. If you have already contributed to Fine Uploader in the past, you are eligible for a discount on the commercial license. Please send an email to, along with proof of your past contribution, to obtain your discount.

Note that the server-side examples will continue to be attached to an MIT license, and has been moved to the Widen/fine-uploader-server repository.


With a well-established company like Widen backing Fine Uploader, it will be possible to evolve the library at a much faster pace. In fact, all aspects of Fine Uploader will improve, including support, testing, development, feature planning, demos, and documentation. You will see a great number of changes/improvements to the library over the coming weeks, and development activity will increase in the near future.

You can follow the progress of Fine Uploader via the Twitter feed, as well as this blog. Support will continue to be handled on Stackoverflow (see the support page for more details). Bug/feature cases should be filed in the Fine Uploader issue tracker, while support requests belong in the support forum. You may send other general comments to Please do not post comments in the support forum, as these will be removed by Stackoverflow moderators.

Ray Nicholus and the rest of the team at Widen Enterprises