Fine Uploader 3.4

Fine Uploader 3.4 has been released, and I have done my best to include some new features and improvements, along with a bunch of bugfixes. The two new major features are Upload via paste and the ability to easily limit the number of files a user can upload per session. Also note that Fine Uploader underwent a change in ownership, which you can read more about in the blog post on this topic.

Please see the downloads page to download the latest released version of the library.

UPDATE (April 1st): 3.4.1 Hotfix Release

  • Reset API function fails in all browsers when the paste feature is not enabled. (#778)

Features & Enhancements

  • Upload images via paste. Please read the blog post on this feature for more details. (#487)
  • Make it easier to restrict maximum number of uploads per session. (#635)
  • onSubmitted callback after file has been successfully submitted (and associated item has been added to the DOM in FineUploader mode). (#543)
  • Add XHR parameter so File API-supported uploads provide access to the associated XMLHttpRequest object via the onError callback. (#718)
  • Add getName API function to allow retrieval of an item name at any time given an item ID. (#732)

Bugs Fixed

  • Delete file request is not sent when using FineUploaderBasic mode. (#744)
  • Calling reset API function in IE9 or earlier result in a TypeError or similar javascript error. (#759)
  • Extension validation issue when including MooTools. (#735)

Major Features Planned For 3.5

  • Make Fine Uploader’s drag & drop module trivial to optionally integrate into FineUploaderBasic mode. See #577 for more details.
  • Allow immediate upload of pictures taken from a connected camera. See #389 for more details.
  • Rudimentary item (server-side) item duplicate detection. See #692 for more details.

Note that the list of planned features may change at any time during the release.

If you have a question or a suggestion, please use the support forums or the issue tracker.

As always, please let me know (in the forums or the issue tracker) if you have any suggestions for improvement, or any killer features you’d like me to add.

-Ray Nicholus and the rest of the Fine Uploader team at Widen Enterprises.