Standalone File Drag & Drop Module in 3.5

In 3.5, after numerous requests, I morphed the internal drag & drop code into a standalone module. Fine Uploader’s drag & drop code has always been available as an integral part of FineUploader mode. However, integrating this code into a FineUploaderBasic mode instance has been a little tricky. Now, you can easily add folder and file drag & drop support to your FineUploaderBasic mode instance. A jQuery plug-in wrapper has also been created for those who also utilize the jQuery plug-in wrapper for the uploader.

Have a look at the drag & drop module documentation for more details. As always, please open up an enhancement request if you would like this feature improved in any way, or a support request if you have questions regarding its use.

Happy Uploading!

-Ray Nicholus and the rest of the Fine Uploader team @ Widen