Fine Uploader 3.5

Fine Uploader 3.5 has been released, and I have done my best to include some new features and improvements, along with a bunch of bugfixes. The two new major features are a standalone file/folder drag and drop module (for use in FU mode, FUB mode, and outside of Fine Uploader) and a new API that allows for programatic detection of supported features (in the current user agent).

Please see the downloads page to download the latest released version of the library.

Features & Enhancements

  • Standalone drag & drop module. Now, you can easily integrate Fine Uploader file/folder drag & drop module into your FineUploaderBasic mode project as well. In fact, you can use this new module outside of Fine Uploader, if you’d like. It is no longer directly tied to FineUploader mode. Please read the blog post on this new module for more details. (#577)
  • A new API that allow for programatic detection of all supported feature based on the current browser. See the documentation on the new Feature Detection Module for details. (#680)
  • getNetUploads API method that returns the number of net uploaded files. This includes and files successfully uploaded during the current session. Deleted files are excluded from this count. (#634)
  • Allow parameters and an endpoint to be passed along with files or blobs into the addFiles and addBlobs API methods. (#760)
  • Pass XMLHttpRequest instance (if available) as a parameter to onComplete callback. (#730)
  • Allow default onError callback message to be overridden. (#779)
  • Don’t require a promise to be returned in onPasteReceived callback. (#777)
  • Complete refactoring of folder drop handling code in the drag & drop module. This should make the module much easier to understand and remove some of the awfulness that was obvious by simply glancing at the code in the past. Several small bugs were detected and addressed during this effort as well. (#715)
  • Updated node.js server-side example, thanks to logickal. (fine-uploader-server #1)

Bugs Fixed

  • 0-sized files are not rejected. (#796)
  • Cancel button is not triggered when it is not a direct child of the file item element. (#768)
  • isBlob check returns incorrect result when executing comparison in differing windows. (#758)
  • Dropping an alias in OS X (Chrome) cripples the uploader. (#745)
  • Fix unsafe implementation of mergeFiles method in Java server-side example. Thanks to lauebi for this fix. (#748)

Changes Planned For 3.6

Please see the open (to be worked on or in-progress) and closed (completed or removed) cases in the 3.6 milestone. Please pay careful attention to the tags assigned to each case for additional important context. Feel free to comment on any of these cases. Make your opinion heard, before it’s too late! Note that the list of planned features may change at any time during the release.

As always, please let me know (in the forums or the issue tracker) if you have any suggestions for improvement, or any killer features you’d like me to add.

-Ray Nicholus and the rest of the Fine Uploader team at Widen Enterprises.