Fine Uploader 3.7 Released

UPDATE: July 24, 2013 – 3.7.1 Hotfix Release

This hotfix release addresses the following defect:

  • Cannot click “delete” or “cancel” button in UI mode when editFilename feature is enabled (#925 & #926)



The 3.7 release brings a big new feature for FineUploader mode users (Edit Filenames) along with a number of enhancements to existing features, such as the ability to send delete file requests via POST (instead of just DELETE), and cross-origin support for delete file requests.  Read on for specifics regarding all changes that went into this release, as well as information about the plans for the next release.

Features & Enhancements

Bugs Fixed

Improvements to Maintainability

Automated tests are finally being written for Fine Uploader, now that we have more resources at our disposal.  Builds are run with unit tests via Travis CI.  A set of cross-browser unit tests exist, and these tests are being run on all supported browsers via Sauce Labs.  Note that Android tests are not yet automated due to some issues with reporting, but we hope to have that addressed in the near future.  Our build tool has switched from Gradle to GruntJs, and we are embracing NodeJs and Coffeescript much more.  The next step is to write integration/workflow automated tests which will also run on all supported browsers.


We are also attempting to provide better support for our end-users via a newly redesigned documentation website.  The existing documentation has been reformatted and moved to, where you will be able to easily read documentation for current and past versions of Fine Uploader.  Documentation for the “develop” branch, where features for the next release are being staged, will also be accessible.

List Your Site on

Are you using Fine Uploader in your web application?  Do you want your site listed on  If so, let us know by sending an email to  We are currently compiling a list of such sites, and have plans to create a section on to display screenshots and other information about apps that utilize Fine Uploader.

What’s Up Next?

3.8 will focus primarily on allowing you to easily upload files directly to Amazon S3, bypassing your origin server.  The plan is to support all existing Fine Uploader features in all browsers when dealing with S3.  Some server-side intervention will be required (such as to sign requests before they are sent to S3), but this integration is valuable as it ensures the file bytes are sent directly to S3, saving bandwidth and cutting out the middleman (your server).

You can track (and comment on) progress on the S3 feature by tracking the following features in the Github repo:

Let us know if we can do anything to improve your uploading experience!

– Ray Nicholus, Mark Feltner, and the rest of the team @ Widen