Fine Uploader 3.9 Released

Update: Oct 9, 2013 – 3.9.1 Hotfix Release

This hotfix release addresses the following issue/workflows:

  • Bucket name determination does not handle underscores correctly. (#1014)


Fine Uploader 3.9 is released!

Any integrators who have to support iOS users will be pleased to hear that Safari on iOS7 is supported by Fine Uploader. This means you can roll out a new version of Fine Uploader and be sure that nothing will change for your iOS users when the latest update is released later this week. Please note that there is a bug affecting Fine Uploader in iOS7 that Apple has yet to address. It is described more in issue #990, along with a workaround that you will need to utilize if you plan to allow your users to upload MOV files via iOS.

We’ve also added native support for multiple file input elements. This means advanced integrators can have custom styles, attributes, and options for forms that require more than one of these types of elements. This also eliminates the need for multiple Fine Uploader instances.

Also in the scope of UI is the added option to return a qq.Promise() instance from the showPrompt and showMessage functions. Read more about promises, or read a tutorial on integrating third-party dialog libraries.

Users of the S3 mode will appreciate that you can now send custom headers along with all S3 AJAX requests to your origin server. The failure handling logic associated with upload success requests sent to your local server after a file is in S3 has also been improved quite a bit.

Features and Enhancements

  • Add iOS7 Safari support (#989)
  • showPrompt and showConfirm functions are optionally promissory (#719)
  • Improved uploadSuccess request failure logic (#974)
  • Add native support for multiple upload buttons (#819)
  • Allow custom parameters to be passed along with the uploadSuccess request (#965)
  • Allow headers to be specified for all S3 AJAX requests to origin server (#956)

Bugs Fixed

  • Improved legacy browser JSON response parsing for CORS environments (#913)
  • paste.promptForName option fix; was not prompting user for pasted filename (#987)
  • Delete, cancel, and edit filename UI features not working after resetting a Fine Uploader instance (#963)
  • Reset function throws an exception if the dropzone is disabled (#953)
  • validate event handler is passed the File input element instead of file metadata (#993)

What’s Next

The next version of Fine Uploader will likely be 4.0 and contain breaking changes. Our plans are to improve the user interface even more. 4.0 will include native support for image previews, a complete redesign of templating in Fine Uploader UI to make the experience of designing and integrating Fine Uploader into an existing site less painful, and enhancements.

As usual, if you have any new ideas or want to weigh in with your thoughts on any existing ideas then find us on the issue tracker. At least two of the features that made it to this release were directly requested by users of Fine Uploader; proof that we listen to your feedback!

– Ray Nicholus, Mark Feltner, and the rest of the team at Widen