Fine Uploader 4.2 Released!

Update: January 23, 2014 – 4.2.2 Hotfix Release

This hotfix release addresses the following issues:

  • None of the submitted files have a QUEUED status after uploading has started (#1104)

Update: January 16, 2014 – 4.2.1 Hotfix Release

This hotfix release addresses the following issues:

  • Drag and Drop Module: Exception when iterating over FileList in Safari. (#1100)

After a bit of a holiday hiatus, the Fine Uploader team is excited to release to you our latest version. It’s packed with features gathered from your suggestions and bug reports. Here are some notable additions that are part of the 4.2 release:


Serverless S3 Uploads

Fine Uploader 4.2 brings the ability to upload directly to Amazon’s S3 without the need for an intermediary signature server. That means you can enable file uploads for your users with just the a little bit of HTML and Javascript. Ray has developed a fully featured example, and an accompanying tutorial blog post that you should look at to get a taste of what is possible with this new feature. For more information on uploading to Amazon S3 with just Fine Uploader, see the documentation.

Get a Drop Zone From a File ID with the getDropTarget() API Method

This new UI only API method allows you to discover which drop zone element a specific file is associated with. Along with an API method, the processingDroppedFilesComplete event has an appended dropTarget parameter. As always, the documentation for the method and the drag and drop module have more details.

Get a File ID From an HTMLElement with the getId() API Method

Another new UI only API method — getId — has been added to aid in retrieving a specific file’s id when you know where it is in the DOM.

Support for Nested Dropzones

The allowance of nested drop zones supports workflows much like Dropbox UI where the entire container may be a drop zone, and rows within the container may be drop zones. The drag and drop documentation has more details to get you started.

Bug Fixes:

Other Improvements:


As always, for up-to-date information about features and fixes planned for the next release (4.3), please see the milestone in the Github issue tracker. We will begin to plan the 4.3 release shortly after this release of 4.2.

Thanks for being a part of Fine Uploader!