Fine Uploader 4.3: Support for HTML Forms and Windows Azure

Update: February 11, 2014 – 4.3.1 Hotfix Release

This hotfix release addresses the following issues:

  • HTTP is now used as the default scheme for S3 endpoints rather than HTTPS (#1129)(Reverts: #1119)
  • Apply display.fileSizeOnSubmit only to files submitted by the user (#1130)

Here are some notable additions that are part of the 4.3 release:

Upload Files Directly to Azure From Your Browser

In 3.8, we added the ability to upload directly to Amazon’s S3 service directly from your browser, in all supported browsers. Starting with 4.3, you will be able to send these files directly to Microsoft’s Windows Azure Blob Storage service as well. You can read more about this feature on our documentation site. We have even provided a C# example for signing the requests that Fine Uploader Azure makes.

Please note that uploads directly to Azure are not possible in Internet Explorer 9 and older. This is due to a shortcoming of Azure’s API.

Easily Connect Fine Uploader to an Existing HTML Form

You can now easily connect Fine Uploader to an existing HTML form. Fine Uploader will send all of the form fields along with each upload request. It will even validate the form for you, if the browser supports this behavior. If you follow all of the (overridable) conventions in place, you can achieve this with only one total line of JavaScript! You can read more about this feature on our documentation site.

Other enhancements:

Bugs fixed:


As always, for up-to-date information about features and fixes planned for the next release (4.4), please see the milestone in the Github issue tracker. We will begin to plan the 4.4 release shortly after this release of 4.3.