Fine Uploader 4.4 Released!

We are excited to announce the official release of Fine Uploader version 4.4. That’s the 37th release! As always, we have continued to add the features that you all demand the most. Thanks again for your continued support. It is due to the backing of commercial license holders, everyone reporting bugs, those who suggest great features, and all the people that have expressed their support for this library that make it as great as it is.

Here are some notable additions that are part of the 4.4 release:


Client-side image scaling

This feature gives Fine Uploader the ability to resize images on the client, and upload the resized versions (along the with the original and all EXIF data) to your server. That means less work for your server and saved money for those who are paying by the clock cycle.

The documentation on image scaling contains information on how to set up scaling on the client, and modify the various options.

Total Progress Reporting

A brand new feature for users of UI mode is total progress reporting. Fine Uploader has had progress-bars for each file for a while now, but one feature that was requested was to show progress for all of the uploads. It has always been possible to hook into existing events to display an aggregate progress-bar, but with this latest release it has become much easier. See the documentation on progress bars for more information.

Also part of this feature is the addition of the totalProgress event. This event will report the total progress for a batch of files in the AJAX uploader. The event will be emitted when an individual file’s progress changes, a file is added, and when a file is cancelled.

Folder Paths

It is now possible to detect the full paths to any files or directories added to the uploader as children of a directory when dragging and dropping a folder in Google Chrome and Opera.

Multiple-endpoint Custom Builds

The custom build generator now has the capability to create builds with multiple endpoints. This means you should never need to create more than one custom build because you can select any combination of one or more endpoints.

Bug Fixes:

  • Allow function parameters in S3 modes (#1105)
  • Drop zones are properly hidden when dragging in and out of browser in Safari, IE10, and IE11 (#1034)
  • Blobs and Data URI generation in Androids’ stock browser (#1146)
  • setName now updates the name UI (#1138)
  • drawThumbnail correctly renders image in iOS (#1131)
  • Prevent resumption of currently uploading file (#1101)
  • Thumbnail process correctly handles unreadable files#1143
  • Fix exception when using standalone drag and drop module for the S3 uploader (#1132)


As always, for up-to-date information about features and fixes planned for the next release, please see the milestone in the Github issue tracker.

The next release is already in the works and some big things are going to be included. We plan to take a serious look into implementing a few new ideas to the basic upload algorithm with the goal of supporting multiple simultaneous chunked uploads.

Thanks for being a part of Fine Uploader!

2 thoughts on “Fine Uploader 4.4 Released!

  1. Bjorn

    How does FineUploader handle the scaling for browsers that don’t support it (like IE9). Does it ignore the scaling setting and just upload the full size photo? Or does it break the upload process on those browsers if scaling is set?

    1. Ray Nicholus

      Hello Bjorn. Sorry for the delay in this reply. Your comment was stuck in our spam filter. Since scaling is not supported in IE9 and older, Fine Uploader will simply ignore this option, and files will be uploaded at their original size.

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