Fine Uploader 5.2 – Major UI Improvements, New Gallery View, Accessibility Updates

Update: June 8, 2015 – 5.2.2 Hotfix Release

  • Canceling a file with a queued thumbnail preview prevents other queued thumbnails from being generated. (#1416)
  • Deleting an uploaded file with a thumbnail in the (to-be-generated) preview queue prevents subsequently selected files from receiving generated thumbnail previews. (#1419)
  • Trash button is occasionally pushed to the next line in gallery mode. (#1418)
  • Trash button submits the form (if enclosed in a non-Fine-Uploader controlled form) after files have been uploaded successfully. (#1417)

Update: April 21, 2015 – 5.2.1 Hotfix Release

  • File input elements cannot be passed into addFiles API method on modern (File API) browsers  (#1398)

We are excited to announce the official release of Fine Uploader version 5.2!

UI Enhancements

5.2 brings major updates for Fine Uploader UI. Until version 5.2, Fine Uploader’s UI has remained mostly constant since its inception. We now offer a brand new modern CSS file, fine-uploader-new.css, which can be used with any existing Fine Uploader UI templates. To use the new look, simply reference this new CSS file in your project after upgrading to Fine Uploader 5.2. If you wish to continue using the old Fine Uploader UI display, you will not need to change anything.

We also added support for the new native browser element. As of 5.2, only Opera and Chrome support this element. However, once other browser add support, Fine Uploader will be able to use this new element in those browsers as well, without any code changes required. Currently, you must include appropriate

elements in your Fine Uploader template (already included for you in the default provided templates). If these are present, and the current browser has sufficient support, the element will be used to render confirm, alert, and prompt dialogs.

The new UI updates have been introduced without any breaking changes at all. You may continue to use Fine Uploader’s old look and continue to use any custom template adjustments or dialog/alert message implementations without changing any code.

You can also make use of the new gallery view. To integrate Fine Uploader’s customizable gallery view into your project, you will need to use the new gallery template and the fine-uploader-gallery.css file. The gallery view also makes use of several new icons introduced as part of the 5.2 release. Ensure that these new icons – continue.gif, pause.gif. retry.gif, and trash.gif – are accessible via the gallery CSS file as well.

Both new UIs share a default visible drop zone with background text (controlled by CSS) that matches the current browser’s capabilities:


Here is a preview of the gallery view, before and after uploading files:



Have a look at our updated live demo section on the Fine Uploader home page for code examples and additional designs. Customization and use of the new templates, styles,

support, and CSS is described in the updated styling documentation on our documentation site.

Accessibility Improvements

There were a number of accessibility-related adjustments to be made to Fine Uploader UI, the docs site, and the home page. In the interest of accommodating any and all users who must interact with Fine Uploader, we wanted to make a concerted effort to address any related deficiencies in this library and associated sites. We are happy to announce that this effort was successful, and Fine Uploader 5.2 (along with the docs site and home page) contains a substantial number of accessibility adjustments. We will continue to audit Fine Uploader for accessibility conformance going forward. If you happen to notice any accessibility obstacles we missed, please file an issue so we can schedule a fix as soon as possible.

Other Features

Support for uploading via PUT request

For all browsers other than IE9 and older, you may now ask Fine Uploader to submit upload requests to your server via a PUT (or even PATCH) request. Upload success requests may be sent via PUT as well. These methods can be specified via a new request.method option and the new S3 uploadSuccess.method option, respectively.

Uploading videos via iOS8 mobile Chrome now supported by default again

A workaround was put into Fine Uploader 5.0.5 to prevent Chrome from crashing in iOS8 due to issues with the Chrome browser and iOS8. This workaround, unfortunately, prevented videos from being uploaded in mobile Chrome due to another long-standing Apple iOS bug. This workaround is now disabled by default in Fine Uploader 5.2 as the underlying issue in mobile Chrome and iOS8 appears to be fixed.

Bug Fixes

  • Large S3 uploads hang w/ async key function and concurrent chunking enabled (#1394)
  • QuotaExceededError when trying to upload file when using Safari private browsing (#1395)
  • Empty file check validation is broken. (#1381)
  • “Retrying…” message remains in Fine Uploader UI even after failed chunk retry has succeeded. (#1349)
  • Pause button remains visible in Fine Uploader UI even after upload has failed. (#1367)


Fine Uploader 5.3 is the next planned version. Our top priority for 5.3 is to tackle S3 version 4 signature support. For a list of other cases to be completed in this version, please see the 5.3 milestone tracker in GitHub. Please be advised that cases may be removed or added from the milestone even after work on the milestone has commenced.

As always, we have continued to add the features that you all demand the most. Thanks again for your continued support. It is due to the backing of commercial license holders, everyone reporting bugs, those who suggest great features, and all the people that have expressed their support for this library that make it as great as it is.

Thanks for being a part of Fine Uploader!

P.S. Head on over to for demos, documentation, and downloads!