Fine Uploader 5.3 – Scaling and form support improvements & lots of squashed bugs

Update: September 22, 2015 – 5.3.2 Hotfix Release

  • Huge number of files from initial files endpoint causes the browser to hang or crash (#1466)

Update: August 28, 2015 – 5.3.1 Hotfix Release

  • Retry button remains visible when initiating a retry through API (#1455)

Version 5.3 brings a few requested feature updates as well as fixes that allow Fine Uploader to work even better in environments that routinely handle a very large number of file uploads per user session. We are committed to continually enhancing existing features based on customer feedback and improving support for enterprise-level upload traffic. After all, Fine Uploader exists to provide the support and features that none of the other browser-based upload tools are capable of offering. Version 5.3 is more proof of that.

Feature Enhancements

Downloading Fine Uploader

We’ve made it easier to use Fine Uploader in an environment that switches between Azure, S3, and traditional endpoints. Starting with version 5.3, you can now download a single build of Fine Uploader that contains support for all three endpoint types. Simple select the new “S3 + Azure + traditional” option in the server type section.

Form support

You can now “lazily” bind forms to Fine Uploader. In other words, you can attach Fine Uploader to an HTML form element at any time after Fine Uploader has been initialized. Previously, you were only able to associate a form with Fine Uploader during initialization as part of your configuration options, but this is no longer a limitation as of version 5.3! This is an enhancement to the form support feature. Thanks to Joel Kemp of Adobe for the feature request.

Image scaling

Are you making use of the scaled image upload feature and omitting the original image? You may find this useful to conserve bandwidth by only sending a small scaled version of a dropped image. We’ve made this workflow more appealing in 5.3 as we are now sending the original image’s UUID with each scaled upload request.

Fixed Bugs

Image scaling

If you are using the image scaling feature, you may have noticed that image previews are not rendered when the hideScaled option was set to true due to a bug. This was fixed in 5.3. We also fixed a somewhat related bug in the image scaling module that prevented an attempt to cancel all in-progress uploads when a scaled image is currently in progress. Scaled images are cancelled as part of the call to the cancelAll method, even if the scaled images are “hidden” in Fine Uploader UI.

Manual uploading

We recorded two fixes to the manual upload feature, which allows you to defer uploading of user-selected files to a later point via an API method. The first fix allows you to trigger uploading of stored files via the API inside of an onSubmitted callback handler. And the second addresses an issue that prevents the call to uploadStoredFiles from uploading all submitted files when a very large number of files (thousands) have been submitted.

Resuming uploads

Tim Daubenschütz found an issue that prevented the getResumableFilesData method from returning information about resumable files. This was fixed in 5.3 as well. Thanks for catching this Tim!

What’s Next?

The next planned release is currently version 5.4. We plan to add support for version 4 signatures to Fine Uploader S3. This will allow files to be sent to new S3 regions, such as the Germany (Frankfurt) region. We’ll also clean up and update the S3 documentation and smooth out support for sending headers and parameters to S3 along with each file. We also hope to add support for Microsoft Edge, but will likely forgo explicit support until the Edge team adds the ability to drop files from the desktop into the browser.

We Love Customer Feedback

Is something missing from Fine Uploader? Please let us know. We always give priority to useful customer-requested features. Take the opportunity to guide the evolution of Fine Uploader around your needs. The community is the most important aspect of this library, and we always love to hear from you.

Happy Uploading!