Fine Uploader 5.5 – Heavily Requested S3 Updates

Update: March 7, 2016 – 5.5.2 Hotfix Release

  • S3 bucket name for validation is always tied to bucket URL in IE9 and older (#1530)


Update: February 23, 2016 – 5.5.1 Hotfix Release

  • Concurrent chunking on S3 fails to finalize (#1519)


Support For User Machine Clock Drift

Work completed in #1387 means that issues with inaccurate clocks on user machines are easily handled simply by comparing the user’s clock value with your server and passing the difference to Fine Uploader S3. You can read more about this feature on the updated S3 feature documentation page.

Better Support for Standard HTTP Headers

Before work on #1494 was completed, it was not possible to associate certain HTTP headers with your files uploaded to S3 via Fine Uploader S3. Now, you can easily include Content-Disposition, Cache-Control, Content-Encoding, and many others via the API or options. See the new “headers” section on the updated S3 feature documentation page for more information.


What’s Next?

The next planned release is currently version 6.0, which will contain some substantial new features and adjustments. Some of the big plans we have for 6.0 include:

  • Support for module systems, such as ES6 modules and CommonJS.
  • The ability to require/import only the parts of Fine Uploader that you need.
  • Slimming down of the library to reduce footprint.
  • Better support for strict Content Security Policies.

Expect breaking changes in the API, which are necessary to evolve the library.

We Love Customer Feedback

Is something missing from Fine Uploader? Please let us know. We always give priority to useful customer-requested features. Take the opportunity to guide the evolution of Fine Uploader around your needs. The community is the most important aspect of this library, and we always love to hear from you.

Happy Uploading!