Fine Uploader 5.7 – Support for Microsoft Edge

Update: April 26, 2016 – 5.7.1 Hotfix Release

  • XHR object is not passed to onError callback in some cases w/ Fine Uploader S3 (#1559)


Version 5.7 finally brings support for Microsoft Edge – a browser that will eventually replace all versions of Internet Explorer. There were a few changes to Fine Uploader that were required to officially support Edge. This particular enhancement was in progress for quite a long time. A number of issues outside of my control (such as lack of file drop support in Edge and lack of an updated VM) prevented this from landing sooner, but we finally reached the end of the tunnel! Documentation has been updated to reflect support for Edge, and you can begin using Fine Uploader with Edge in your projects as of version 5.7.0. Note that you must use Microsoft Edge version 13.10586 or newer for proper support.

If you see any issues with Edge support, please do open an issue in Fine Uploader’s issue tracker. Happy uploading!