Monthly Archives: May 2016

Fine Uploader 5.9 – Free At Last!

Version 5.9 brings about a noteworthy change. No, not a new feature, or a major bugfix. The only change here is the license. Fine Uploader is now MIT-licensed 100% free open source software! This is the start of a whole new era for Fine Uploader and other related projects. If you have questions about this change, or would like to know more about the history of this project and our plans for the future, longtime maintainer Ray Nicholus published an article on Medium today that should answer most of your questions.

Happy uploading!

Fine Uploader 5.8 – CommonJS & ES6 Module Support

It’s now dirt simple to import Fine Uploader into your project using CommonJS, ECMAScript 6 imports, or even AMD. If you download Fine Uploader via npm, you will instantly have access ┬áto this feature. You’ll find that importing the library into your modern web project is exceptionally elegant. Depending on your needs, it may be as simple as “import qq from ‘fine-uploader'”! There is a very detailed feature page on the documentation site that you may enjoy reading, should you find yourself in need of this type of support.

If you see any issues with CommonJS, ES6 module, or even AMD support, please do open an issue in Fine Uploader’s issue tracker. Happy uploading!