Fine Uploader 5.10 – Higher quality scaled images

Version 5.10 of Fine Uploader will benefit any product or workflow that uses the thumbnail generation or upload scaled image feature. In short, 5.10 will allow you to delegate the actual resize operation to a third-party library. Fine Uploader delegates to the drawImage method on the browser’s <canvas> element when resizing image files. Most browsers use linear interpolation when resizing images. This can lead to extreme aliasing and moire patterns. But a few third-party libraries bypass this native algorithm in favor of one that results in much higher-quality scaled image output. You can plug one of these (such as pica) into Fine Uploader very easily starting with 5.10.

For a very simple example that illustrates how to integrate pica or any other high-quality image scaling library into Fine Uploader, take a look at the thumbnail generation and scaled image generation feature pages on the documentation site. You have the option of utilizing a third-party scaling library for thumbnail generation, or scaled image file generation, or both!

Happy uploading!