Fine Uploader 5.11 – A whole new, better build with rewritten documentation

5.11.0 was actually released back in August. But I’ve been so busy with other advancements to the project, creating a React wrapper (which I’ll talk about in my next post), and finishing up my book, that I didn’t really have time to write a proper post to formalize this release.

Since 5.11.0 was released, nine (yes, nine) patch releases followed, the most recent hitting the web a week ago today. Some of these were regressions caused by the initial work on 5.11.0 (and the work was substantial, so this is not surprising). But other patches were unrelated to the 5.11.0 changes, and came to light thanks to the significant uptick in community involvement. I’m surprised by and grateful for all of those who have given their time and expertise to Fine Uploader since the transition to an MIT license.

In addition to work on the core library by a number of GitHub users, two other contributors have given their time to create a couple new repositories. One, bower-dist (maintained by Fery Wardiyanto), brings Fine Uploader to all bower users. Previously, Fine Uploader was only available via npm or direct download, but bower is now a viable and supported option as well. Orlando Valdez created the fineuploader-go-server repository, which brings an easy to use and full-featured Fine Uploader server implementation to Golang. Word is Orlando is also consider a Spring Boot server at some later date.

Anyway, back to the 5.11 release – I rewrote the entire build process. Grunt and the laundry-list of outdated grunt plugins along with the maze of other JavaScript files, are no longer part of the mix. Instead, a single Makefile holds all build logic. In addition to speeding up and simplifying the build, a standalone drag-and-drop module is now part of the official build output, and a core (non-UI) JS file is created for Fine Uploader traditional, S3, Azure, and the “all” module (traditional, S3, & Azure combined). In subsequent hotfix releases, the “Getting Started” guide was completely re-written and vastly improved. Check the releases section of the fine-uploader GitHub project for information on these and subsequent patch releases related to 5.11.